Jekyll: It’s only an island if you look at it from the water

On February 15, 2013, the Atlanta Chapter (Chuck, Fuller, Lori, Patrick and Steve) attended the Jekyll Island Green Screen, presented by Athens’ acclaimed EcoFocus Film Festival. We watched Chasing Ice, an incredible movie about climate change.

The Trip

We paddled Jekyll/St. Simons Island early Saturday, followed by a downwinder in the Intracoastal Waterway. The movie was Saturday night. We visited with Ben Carswell, Director of Conservation for the Jekyll Island Authority. Ben joined us on Sunday for a paddle near the Altamaha River. It was only 31 degrees while camping Saturday night (but warmer than Chasing Ice). See our photos below. The title of this post was inspired by Chief Brody (Jaws, 1975).


The Movie

The Lesson

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  • Avatar of Steve Combs
    Steve Combs

    We had an interesting trip back from Jekyll. I was driving Fuller’s truck. We were low on gas but wanted to reach Macon so we could eat dinner before everything closed. We ran out of gas on I-75 and ended up rolling down the cloverleaf exit, made the green light, turned left through the intersection, and rolled up a hill to stop right next to the gas pump. Dead stick landing. We ended up eating at S&S Cafeteria for some fine southern cooking.

    • Avatar of Patrick Lynch
      Patrick Lynch

      That’s a pretty classic way to run out of gas. Good times and a great trip!

  • Avatar of Steve Combs
    Steve Combs

    Lots of trips and events coming up. Keep an eye on the calendar:

  • Avatar of Fuller Callaway
    Fuller Callaway

    Cool pics, and a great trip, I am glad that Surfirider went to the coast for this event!

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