We need your support to pass a plastic bag ordinance on Tybee Island – take the actions listed below to help us protect Georgia’s coast.

Update as of November 2015

The Ordinance

Executive Committee member and Bring Your Own Bag founder Ashley Workman introduced a plastic bag ordinance to the Tybee Island’s City Council in late 2014. Since then, the on-island business and stakeholder community has been engaging in a dialogue about the implementation of the ordinance, and the City Attorney has been evaluating the sufficiency of the text of the ordinance itself.

Now, we need your strong and vocal support to make this ordinance a reality. It is time for these public servants to protect Tybee Island’s most important resource, the ocean and its inhabitants, by passing this ordinance.

Actions You Can Take

You can take the following actions to make sure your voice is heard for the health of the ocean:

  1. Attend the next Tybee City Council meeting in person and sign up to make brief public comments to the Council and Mayor in support of this ordinance.
  2. Follow THIS LINK to get contact information for the Tybee Mayor and entire City Council. Email, write and call these public servants as much as possible to let them know how important it is for Tybee to pass this plastic bag ordinance.
  3. At your next visit to a Tybee Island business, tell the managers, staff and owners of these businesses that you support this ordinance and want their support, too.
  4. Contact us to get involved.

A plastic bag ban on Tybee Island will be the first of its kind in Georgia. We need your support to help make it happen.