Thanks to all of the volunteers that came out on Saturday morning the Surfrider Atlanta Chapter was able to pull out more than 1000 lbs of trash from Cochran Shoals to Paces Mill, plus the park area at Paces Mill. This section of river rarely gets cleaned because of all the rapids, so it felt really good to get out make a difference. The water team was made up of 7 canoes, 1 kayak and a SUP. The land team worked the park by foot. Both groups pulled out tons of trash like tires, a CPU, balls, styrofoam but most of all, plastic bottles. It’s always such a shame to see so many plastic water bottles polluting the very river that provides our drinking water. This is what the Surfrider Rise Above Plastics Campaign is all about, eliminating single use plastic.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to the Flying Biscuit Cafe for providing all the great food for breakfast.

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