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An Important Message For Volunteers!

I guess this means we have to continue to rely on BP to clean up the oil (because they have done such a great job so far). Volunteers are relegated to a support role. Note that this article doesn't state volunteers can't take the BP training. Just that the training is "primarily" for people seeking employment.


Because of your generosity and kindness, Florida’s shores will be well prepared when the oil hits! Thank you for springing into action and volunteering to help. There has been an overwhelming response!

All oil-contaminated materials will only be handled by Qualified Community Respondes [sic]  (QCR) and not by volunteers.  BP is providing training through PEC/Premier Safety Management.  However, the BP training modules are of use primarily to individuals interested in employment and not volunteers.

We encourage you to get involved in your local community. Volunteers can support the oil cleanup effort through appropriate activities such as Coast Watch, pre-oil landfall beach cleanups, fundraising, and meeting other needs of responding organizations. The information on this website features events happening in your own backyard as well as links to other websites with volunteer opportunities.