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Awesome International Surfing Locations

Every surfer has his or her own idea of the most awesome location to surf, and the reason why they find it amazing. There are of course plenty of fantastic places to surf throughout the vast coastlines along the USA, but there are also some gems that are scattered further across the globe. Despite their distance, you’ll definitely want to make the trip to check some of these places out for yourself.

Here are just three of the best places:

Nazare, Portugal

Enjoy some spectacular 70ft waves in this European paradise, thanks to the underwater Nazare Canyon. Definitely one for the more experienced surfers, this location is home to various world records in terms of heights surfed by professional surfers over the years.

Bundoran, County Donegal, Ireland

There’s no doubt about it, surfing is the last thing to cross most of our minds when thinking about Ireland. Yet this country is much more than Guinness, luck, St Paddy and beautiful scenery – it’s also home to 55ft waves at Bundoran. Granted, the water is near freezing and there’s a lot of rainy weather so it’s not one for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for the challenge you can enjoy these great waves then go for an Irish whisky to warm your cockles.

Hout Bay, South Africa

Now becoming a popular surfing destination thanks to the annual Red Bull Big Wave Africa competitions, Hout Bay, just outside South Africa’s Cape Town is home to waves of up to 47ft. It’s widely regarded as one of the 16 Big Wave Spots around the world. Known in the surfing community as the ‘Dungeons’, this location is at least a lot warmer than the likes of Ireland and Portugal.

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