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International Surf Day Challenge--We Won!

The Surfrider Foundation Atlanta Chapter won the Grand Prize for the International Surf Day challenge sponsored by Ocean Minded. The description of the challenge is below. Our submission is here. If you missed the event, check out this post.

CHALLENGE: “Eventually Everything Ends Up In The Ocean” theme

The participant who conducts a cleanup farthest away from the beach. Participants submit photo(s) of the inland cleanup they did along with the following information: Where the inland cleanup took place; how many people participated; how much trash was collected; and how far away from the beach the cleanup was.

Grand Prize — A pair of Bede Durbidge’s Signature sandals and a pair of Bethany Hamilton’s signature sandals, signed by Bede and Bethany; a pair of men’s or women’s sandals in the winner’s size, a shirt in the winner’s size, and Ocean Minded backpack, and Ocean Minded hat.

UPDATE: We also won the Grand Prize for the QuikSilver Diamond Dobby Beach Clean-Up Challenge:

CHALLENGE: “Diamond Dobby Beach Clean-Up Challenge”

Contestants must identify 4 pieces of trash that correspond to the 4 elements of Diamond Dobby™ Boardshort technology: Lightweight, No Rash, Quick Dry and Perfect Stretch. The first contestant to find and present 4 pieces of trash on the beach that fit into these 4 categories wins!
Examples of trash in each category are:

  • Lightweight: Styrofoam, Cork, Paper
  • No Rash: Smooth Glass, Smooth soda can, Smooth glass bottle
  • Quick Dry: Piece of cloth or fabric, Cigarette Butts, Sponge
  • Perfect Stretch: Rubber, Rubber Bands, Plastic 6-pack can holders

Grand Prize Winners: Will receive 2 pairs of Diamond Dobby boardshorts.