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Have you ever heard of a saying that goes “All that glitters is not gold”? Well, I haven’t for a long time, Until a friend of mine told me his story. In short, I want to share it here with you all. This friend of mine – who is aware and ok with me writing here his story – was still a high school student when he had to get his first car. And half a month later, he ended up play gambling and placing bets on a daily basis. How the way could be possible is clear to understand if you consider that a young boy can’t afford such an expensive cost all of his own. Ok, his parents agreed to help him. But his financial budget was still low. So just to increase it, he thought to focus on playing online Blackjack at

I know that many people today live in a material world where only things that are material can have a sort of relevance. But life is not all about material things and only stupid people can really believe that material things are beautiful. Actually, what kind of a beauty can be in something that is meant to die or fall or get damaged by something else?

These kinds of persons always look for money and often they decide to focus on casinos or other sport specialties as they think this would help them getting rich. Now, I wonder what kind of richness they might follow. Don’t you know that money comes and go? They can buy thing but never make you the free gift of a smile or of something human and kind.

He had heard of casino games and sport bets since ever, but really never could get that much interested in these things as before turning 18 he couldn’t even play or bet, But also because he would have no time to spend in such things online. Being a student is something that makes you really busy at any time. And he was a pretty good student. So the car sounded a nice gift to him, to repay the efforts he had been putting in the school career. He started his venture in the casino with the goal to make some extra income to pay half the price of the car. Sure, the games as well as the sport bets can only be a way to get extra money but they are not certainly a way to get a regular income. Sometimes there are things that look or sound great but really aren’t that special.

I think that many of you are not ready to hear such arguments, Most of all because the taste and the flavor of the thrills to make money casino can overdo anything else. But life is not a wonder world where everything is nice and free. Life is a place to live in and where to put effort.

Many other people focus on gambling online just for fun. They often look for a past time, a hobby to fill in spare moments in the day. Gambling can be an answer, especially the free modes which are recommended to all those persons who are at their first experience and still don’t know if they will like staying and playing in an online facility.

For the real money game mode there is always time. The important thing is to practice a specific game and to know it the best as possible, only once you have done this and you feel sure of yourself, you may think to play for money. 

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