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Save the Spit on Sea Island

Another Win for the Georgia Coast

  • Sea Island Spit dispute settled
  • Surfrider Foundation Georgia Chapter enters settlement
  • Land Conservation Easement will protect 80 acres
  • Read the Joint Press Release - March 17, 2015
  • Clay Davidson, Chairperson, Surfrider Foundation Georgia Chapter:

"We are pleased that Sea Island Company has come to a common sense solution to preserve this delicate piece of coastal land.  By protecting 90% of the Spit in perpetuity , and granting funding for environmental monitoring and study, the settlement will provide the environmental community as a whole, and the Surfrider Foundation, enhanced knowledge and insight into the dynamic coastal marsh system, and how to better protect it for generations to come."


Update as of October 15, 2014

The Glynn County Attorney has informed us that the County Commission will not be taking any further action on our request that the county stop the development of the Spit. As a result, Sea Island Acquisition (“Sea Island”) proceeded to clear some vegetation on the Spit in preparation for showing lots to potential buyers. Upon our discovery of the commission’s decision and Sea Island’s clearing activity, Greenlaw, on behalf of Surfrider Foundation, Center for a Sustainable Coast and Altamaha Riverkeeper, prepared pleadings, including a Temporary Restraining Order (“TRO”), to stop further development. However, prior to filing of the TRO and at our request, Sea Island agreed to hold off on any further development for the immediate future.

Since that time, our group has performed two site visits on the Spit with Sea Island representatives and our wetlands delineation/marsh vegetation expert. The group is in the process of reviewing and evaluating our expert’s findings and our options, including legal, which must remain confidential for the time being. We will keep you informed in a timely manner of all developments.

Save the Spit

Out of state developers are trying to build on 7 acres of land of an ecologically sensitive and eroding part of the south tip of Sea Island called the Spit.

We are joining GreenLaw, the Altamaha Riverkeeper, the Center for a Sustainable Coast, and new Georgia Coastal advocacy organization 100 Miles to help prevent the issuance of building permits for this project on Sea Island, and to ensure the highest standards are abided by when building on the Georgia coast.

Sign The Petition

Start by signing the petition for the Glynn County Islands Planning Commission before March 1 and help us get to 1,000 total signatures HERE

More Background

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