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Share the excitement of winning moments


We live in the Age of Social Networks. Clearly, gambling operators, online casino websites and gambling software producers are obviously trying to make the most out of it, enabling brand new sharing features into online games and their casinos.

At the moment, there are more and more online casino for money offering to the players the possibility to share their gaming experience with their friends, inside and outside the Euro King casino. In particular, they mostly focus on the most exciting moments: the moment you finally win an extremely high payout, or when you are finally able to strike a good jackpot while playing your favorite slot game, or when you finally win a long and difficult poker game!

Usually, Euroking casino gives the players the chance to save a screenshot of those exciting moments, in fact it is not accident that this feature is called “Sharing the Excitement”. This feature is extremely easy to use and it would not only allow you to send the screenshots by e-mail, but it is possible to share the screenshot of special moments linking the url in chat or embedding the url using the code created specifically for you.

Most of online casinos would create also a default message that you can send together with the screenshot, but the player can obviously customize it and make it more personal.

Currently, it is not possible to share the screenshot directly on Facebook and Twitter, but you can do it anyway using the url that “Sharing the Excitement” would provide you. 

Playing For Real

I don’t like to brag about anything in particular,but I have to tell you that I have got one of the smartest uncles in the world.He was always great at math, probabilities and stuff, but I never really knowjust how good he was up until one hot, summer weekend. I was out visiting himwith my girlfriend and it was so hot outside that there wasn’t really much todo except for sit in the sun and sweat like a pig. So we decided to go in andfind a nice comedy to watch on TV. But because nothing good was on, my girlfriend suggested we should look for an online comedy we could watch.

So I called my uncle and asked for his permission touse his laptop, as mine was still in service for a while. When he agreed to letme use it, he also joked and said something like ‘Careful not to mess anything up!’and of course I thought he was talking about me and my girlfriend.

But when we turned his computer on, we realized exactly what he was talking about. All kinds of

play slots forreal money started to pop up on the screen and my uncle seemed to had visited this particular site quite a few times. When I accidentally opened another casino page, I wasshocked to see he had won close to five grands playing online poker. Real cash! So when I asked him about that, he said he doesn’t like to brag about it.