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Surfrider Atlanta Artist in Residence Attends Miami RAP Event

Pam Longobardi was the Surfrider ‘Artist in Residence’ for Sustainatopia sustainability conference in Miami April 22-25.


The closing event APEX (Art Provocation Exchange) was held at Miami Botanical Gardens. Longobardi installed her 25 ft. ‘Driftweb’ in the garden with Miami fashion designer Barbara Devries’ beautiful beach plastic jewelry and California photographers Judith and Richard Lang installed in the pavilion. Barefoot wine’s ‘One Beach’ and JJ.Kelley’s ‘"GYREx-Alaska’ films were screened too. Miami chapter’s Mike Gibaldi and Karen Monteguedo showed big aloha with RAP tabling for the garden event and the extremely rare and beautiful chance to surf April peaky swell waves in Miami with cool breezy offshore wind conditions. Pura vida Miami!