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Ocean Friendly Gardens

Ocean Friendly Gardens

Ocean Friendly Gardens revive our watersheds and oceans by applying CPR – Conservation, Permeability and Retention – to our landscapes and hardscapes. OFGs utilize rainwater as a resource, create permeable soil and hard surfaces, and conserve water, energy and wildlife habitat through native plants and drip irrigation.


Read more about this program at the national foundation website here:

You can also learn more about applying CPR Techniques, and conservation landscaping techniques and ideas specific to the Georgia coast (including a native plant search engine and plant list by type of garden/landscape ) at the Coastscapes website here:

Coastscapes is a joint program of the Marine Exchange Service at the University of Georgia, partially funded by the Coastal Nonpoint Source and Coastal Management Programs of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and the U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Our chapter also works with the following organizations to develop and maintain landscapes and hardscapes that affect our watershed health and ocean water quality: